Baby Sug-Sean Is Coming

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Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. This medium is new to me, connecting with my subscribers via my blog, but I've been soundless recently working and thinking about news ways to be creative for the new year of 2016.

I've met some awesome people and been to some amazing places over the last couple of months but because of my constant socialising and partying I haven't had much time to put work into what I love being creative like building my footwear brand, my blog and my youtube channel. So taking a step back for a while, need to hibernate and direct my creative mind state back to my craft.

Something I'd like to try is connecting with you again, after all you've seen me went from taking photos in the streets for my blog to launching my footwear brand. But over the last couple of years I felt like although I've been doing these productive things with fun people, I've managed to end still up feeling alone. Sug -Sean Royal Male So from today I'll like to take some time and write to you just sharing what I think is interesting in the world and even a few daily words of encouragements.