Tower London x Brick Lane Grand Opening 👟

Hello, World!

It's 2009 and 6 am, I was a chef finishing my night shift at the Park Lane Hotel in Mayfair. On my way home got a message from a mate saying he was camping out at the Nike Town on Oxford Circus for the new Air Yeezys and he could get me a spot if I was up for spending £159 for a spare of sneakers.

That day I was one of the 40 people in the country to receive a pair of the Nike Air Yeezy 1 today a pair of those rare sneakers can cost you £12,000 to own a pair.

Today the culture for collecting sneakers is at its all time high. Companies like Tower London and Crepe City are some of the forward thinkers that create communities that bring people like me together with others sneakers heads from around the world.

Saucony (UK) Wolverine Europe Retail Ltd

This was the launch Tower London new flagship store in Brick-lane, London E1 6RL I was honoured to be invited to such an evening. Not only was it great to meet up with some familiar faces but just being in the presence of people who shared similar interest and as well as excellent stories about camping out for sneakers in the past years.