Thank you for getting in touch i'm really excited to have you onboard.

The aim is to get 100 people from different country around the world to be photograph wearing the same kenzo vans with the same intentions In different locations. I've called it The 100 Fans Of Kenzo Vans.

Recently I found my "limited edition" Kenzo Vans in my closet that has never been worn. being a sneaker collector I believe that lifestyle footwear should be worn. So I created this fashion campaign around the Kenzo vans for my friends who are following my blog.

So here is my plan, a selected group of trustworthy bloggers, stylist and fashionista shall be added to a list who will l be receiving my pair of my Kenzo vans to which they'll have 3 days to blog, review and styled.

Once completed you will be responsible for shipping the sneakers to the next nearest blogger to style and blog.