Solo Travel Tips for Australia


Australia is one of those places that really appeal to solo travellers, especially from the UK. Not only is the country extremely beautiful and diverse, but Aussies are known for being a friendly, fun-loving bunch, and the fact that they speak English is, for many, a bonus too.

Getting around Australia alone is pretty simple, but if you’re planning a solo trip down under, here are a few tips that may prove useful:

Plump for Public Transport

It’s tempting to hire a car to travel the vast distances you often need to travel in Aus, but public transport is usually cheaper, and it’s pretty easy to use too. Each state has its own transportation website, so just check that before you head out and you’ll be good to go. Make use of the free shuttles in the big cities and you’ll be able to see everything without spending a single penny on travel, at least.

Book Activities Ahead

If you’re planning to get off the beaten track and follow the road less travelled as a solo explorer, then you may be able to get away with not booking, but if you plan to enjoy popular tourist activities like climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, for example, it’s a good idea to book ahead if you can to ensure a space because Australia is an extremely popular tourist destination.

Try a Group Activity

If you’re a seasoned solo traveller, you’ll probably know that group activities and tours are a great way to meet new people and have some fun, and it just so happens that Australia is packed with group activity options, from the tours at to classes in everything from kayaking the Brisbane River to walking tours of the many National Parks, and even learning how to play the didgeridoo. Whatever you’re into, there’ll be something for you.

If you’re planning to walk in remote areas, of which there are many in Australia, then going with a group is an even better idea because, in order to get to those breathtaking views, it is often necessary to walk vast distances along some pretty challenging routes, and doing so in numbers will keep you safe.

Bring Your Own Beer

If you like a cool beer after a long day of exploring, you’ll be happy to know that many restaurants in Austalia offer a BYOB system, as you can see at, so you can save money and eat well, which is great news for the solo traveller.

Eat from the Stands

In some countries, the outdoor food stands are to be avoided, no matter how cheap and appealing they might be, but the street food in Australia is pretty safe, and actually, you’ll taste some of the freshest food you've ever eaten from them. They’re super cheap too.

Yop Up Your Funds

If you plan to stay a while, and you think you may need to top up your travel funds during your Aussie adventure, try to travel on a Subclass 462 or 417 visa and you will be able to work as much or as little as you like. Bars and restaurants are always hiring in the bigger cities and tourist places.

Have an amazing time!