Malaysia: Making It Your Next Travel Destination

Everyone has travel plans they want to complete in their life; there’s no better way to get a new perspective on things, than to experience a variety of cultures, and ways of life. If you’ve been thinking about jetting off somewhere in the near future; you’ll have already been looking for some travel inspiration. With so many places out there to choose from; it can be a challenge to pick one. Well, southeast Asia is somewhere that a huge number of travellers and holidaymakers, are heading to year after year, not to mention, returning to get even more from it. And, if you’ve decided to head that way; Malaysia will not disappoint you. It’s a country renowned for its variety of influences, environments, and traditions. So, whatever you’re hoping to gain from your next travel adventure; you’re bound to find it, in this exciting destination.


Like any getaway, you’ll want things to go as smoothly as possible, so, it’s always worth doing as much planning ahead as possible. With so many options regarding what to do, experience, enjoy, stay, and eat; it’s worth having a clear idea of what you’ll be getting upto during your time there You can then work around your budget and any time constraints so that you get the very best from Malaysia, and return to the day job with plenty of Insta-worthy pictures, and the desire to return. Therefore, go grab a drink somewhere, pick up a notebook (digital, if preferred), and begin deciding on where you’re going to visit, what you’ll be getting upto, and start booking some travel and accommodation. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and places to consider, if you’re planning a Malay getaway, and want to have the best time possible.

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Kuala Lumpur


It’s worth starting with Malaysia’s capital city; Kuala Lumpur. The skyline is pretty famous, especially with the modern twin towers that dominate the horizon. Kuala Lumpur will provide you with everything you could wish for from a vibrant city, and boasts a rich mixture of influence. This ensures that you’ll need to prepare to be busy during your stay; whether it’s eating and drinking, sightseeing, or unwinding, it’s worth thinking about some places to head. You’ll want to sort out your accommodation so that you have a base to come back to, and relax, after a busy day and night.

Like any major city, you’ll have plenty of luxury options to choose from; perfect if you want a treat or to indulge in the nest. The Four Seasons and The Mandarin Oriental are popular places for those wanting a bit more from their stay. For longer adventures, you can check out places in KL Traders Square so that you can get a better idea of the properties in the area, and their prices. Self-accommodation, and more affordable places to stay are also plentiful, so if you don’t want to blow your cash on where you’ll be sleeping, do your research and book as soon as you can.

As previously mentioned, the country boasts an array of cultural influences, including Chinese, Malay, and Indian, so prepare to eat some delicious, culinary delights. You’ll have a reliable and modern rail system to utilise, so getting around will ensure you can make the most of what the city has in store. The Petronas Towers and the Perdana Lake Gardens are sights worth visiting; definitely ones to tick off the bucket list. Check out some of the best places to eat on a budget, and you’re bound to discover some hidden gems in one of the city’s neighbourhoods.

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Sat on the west coast of Malaysia, the large island of Penang is somewhere the locals are proud of, and travellers love visiting. It’s a bustling world heritage site, and somewhere to go if you’re craving plenty of museums, historical sights, and not to mention its infamous street food offerings. There’ll be an array of cuisine to fill-up on so that you can fuel the long days you’ll spend exploring the island, as you enjoy the sounds of the surrounding sea. Again, you’ll never be stuck for a photo opportunity, so make sure that you’ve packed your chargers and memory cards beforehand.

You’ll discover an array of cafes, restaurants, and unique places to shop, located along the many areas where artists have left their work. Street art and murals are in abundance, ensuring that Penang is a picturesque environment, without being a sleepy one. If you’re still thinking about the delicious food on offer (as you should); head to the waterfront, and Gurney Drive so that you can visit the rows of stalls, selling fresh, local cuisines. Whether you’re after Malay, Chinese, or Indian flavours, you’re bound to find something to enjoy in this part of the island.



If you’re after turquoise waters, clean sand, paddy field, and jungle-filled hills; the 99 islands that make=up Langkawi, is what you’re looking for during your Malay getaway. You’ll find a classic and beautiful, Malaysian setting, wherever you turn, and you’ll be able to relax and unwind, with plenty of chilled-out island vibes. Nature-loving, laidback travellers keep heading back here, and it’s a perfect place to soak up the sun, sand, and sea, during your trip.

There are a variety of ways to make the most of the blissful destination, other than just lying on your towel upon the fine sands. There are plenty of diving opportunities to discover the waters, a cable car so that you can make the most of the tropical, jungle canopy, and there’s still places to enjoy food, nightlife, and attractions at your own pace. It’s worth investing in a guide or a tour at least once while you’re there so that you can get the inside information on Langkawi, and ensure you’ve seen the best the dreamy destination has to offer.


Kota Kinabalu

For a heady mixture of coastal, island scenery, coupled with busy city vibes; head to the capital of Malaysia’s Sabah state in the northern part of the island of Borneo, also known as Kota Kinabalu. Beautiful beaches and a waterfront awaits you, along with bustling markets, and a surrounding rainforest environment. These all ensure that the city offers a unique mix of nature and tranquility, and all the excitement of city life. Head to Mount Kinabalu for extensive and breathtaking views, and an experience to remember; make sure you book a tour so that you’ll go on the best route, and get the most from the mountain. There’s also always the chance to capture a fiery sunset at the right time, making it another Malaysian destination you’ll never want to stop photographing.

For more of the city-side of things; Kota Kinabalu has an emerging arts and music scene, that’s not to be missed. And, like the rest of Malaysia, you’ll have countless culinary options to choose from, as the city will provide high end cuisine, street food delights, and everything in between. It’s a place that can be as luxury, or budget-friendly as you want it to be, and well worth considering as part of your trip. You’ll also benefit from friendly locals, historical and characterful charm, and markets that showcase the produce that’s in abundance.


Wherever you choose to go during your stay in Malaysia; make sure that you’ve collated a list that you can enjoy ticking things-off. Your first adventure there will only have scratched the surface, and you’ll want to keep returning, so make the most of each destination, and you’ll be able to choose new ones on your next getaway.