Gillette Razor Subscription Kit Service Is Here!

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I think it's safe to say that money equals time and time is money.

At least every ten days I travel to between London and Berlin and for next month only, I've already scheduled in Berlin, Munich and Lisbon, staying up to 10 days at a time in each country.

As excited as I might be to be visiting the gorgeous places, I can't help but think of planning and organising that will go into making these trips a success. A large part of this will require me having to make multiple trips supermarket or remembering to make online orders just for my essentials.

Since the beginning of the year, I've managed and kept a balanced lifestyle by having my essentials on subscription services, so I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw you can now get Gillette products sent directly to your doorstep.

You're probably thinking about music and movies when you hear about term subscription services, and as convenient and amazing they might be. I have discovered more areas in my lifestyle to automate, from socks, wines, dog food and now my favourite grooming products by Gillette has been added to the list!

Gillette’s new razor subscription service is the result of one simple objective: To take the hassle out of achieving the best shave possible. With Gillette’s shave club service, everything you need is conveniently delivered straight to your door. No commitments; no strings attached.

Here’s our step-by-step guide on what to expect when you take out a Gillette subscription and join the shave club.

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Twenty years after it was first introduced to the world, the Gillette Mach3 remains a staple for millions of men, as well as one of the leading multi-blade razors on the market. A product that set the standard for multi-blade razors, the Mach3 incorporates a number of features that epitomise Gillette’s approach to mastering the science of shaving.




If you’re looking to achieve an even closer shave, then the Fusion5 could well be the razor for you. Although the Mach3 can certainly be counted on provide a close, clean shave, the additional two blades found on the Fusion5 result in an enhanced and unmatched level of closeness.

Fusion5 ProGlide

Fusion5 ProGlide

Fusion5 ProGlide

The Fusion5 Proglide takes all the innovation of the original Fusion5 and combines it with Gillette’s revolutionary Flexball technology. By adding a pivot between the razor handle and the blade cartridge, contact between the blade and your skin can be consistently maintained. This allows the razor to do all the hard work, ensuring that you’re not required to apply any unnecessary pressure. The result is a clean and even shave; and one that doesn’t leave any rogue hairs remaining.

In addition to the Flexball, the Fusion5 Proglide carries the advantages of enhanced lubrication, improved grip, and longer-lasting blades. The razor’s longer, easy-grip handle allows for improved control, while the Lubrastrip contains lubricating polymers that allow the blade to glide with ease, providing for an overall more comfortable shave.

All three razors above are available on the website as part of the subscription kit.




Step One – Choosing the Right Razor

When choosing your subscription plan, the first thing you’ll be asked to do is select from three Gillette razors: The Mach 3, the Fusion5, and the Fusion5 Proglide. The three razors available on subscription all have different features and functions, so it’s worth reading up on each of the models before you make your selection.

Step Two – Selecting your frequency

Once you’ve chosen your blade, you’ll be asked how frequently you shave. Here, there are three options to pick from: 1-2 times per week, 3-4 times, and finally 5-7 times.

The frequency at which you will receive your replacement blades will depend entirely on the regularity with which you shave.

Step Three – Receiving your starter kit and first set of replacement blades

No matter which razor you selected in step one, it will come in a starter kit containing all the essentials for getting the perfect shave. Every starter kit comes with a handle, two blades, a 75ml shave gel, and a travel blade cover.

Two weeks after receiving your starter kit, we’ll send you your first set of four replacement blades to make sure you’re well stocked-up. This is the case for every member – irrespective of how often you’ve told us you shave. From then on, you can expect to receive your replacement blades every two months if you’re a regular shaver; every three months if you shave 3-4 times per week; and every four months if you’re an infrequent shaver.

Something to keep in mind is that the Gillette subscription is a no-strings-attached arrangement. You’re free to cancel or amend your subscription at any time.

Step Four – Enjoying the benefits of the shave club

Gillette’s subscription razor service brings far more than just razors to your door. Shave club members will have access to a range of exclusive offers that you won’t get anywhere else. What’s more, every fourth shipment of replacement blades is completely free – something else that’s unique to Gillette’s subscription model.