Best Islands To Visit From Around The World

Cities are great, but have you ever traveled to an island? There’s something magical about island hopping, there’s a sense of freedom when you’re on a stretch of land with water all around you. It makes you feel like you’re in paradise! All of your worries melt away as they can’t reach you when you’re on an island. The world is full of some genuinely beautiful islands, and today’s post will look at the best ones for you to visit…

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Santorini is one of the many Greek islands in the Aegean sea. In truth, there were plenty of options from this location, but Santorini just pipped its neighbor Mykonos. The unique thing about Santorini is that the main town is built into the side of a former volcano. Legend has it that the volcano on this island once erupted, which paved the way for the unique town structure that we see today. Regardless, this is the perfect island to relax and enjoy the lavish things in life. Everywhere you look, there are white villas with blue roofs, picturesque scenery, and sandy beaches. A hotspot for honeymoons, but also the perfect place for a summer vacation. 

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Galapagos Islands

In the Pacific Ocean, you will find a collection of small islands that are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. More and more people are choosing to visit Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands because of all the wonders on these gorgeous islands. Aside from being breathtakingly stunning, the islands are home to creatures and animals that are unique to this part of the world. Rare birds are flying around, giant turtles waddle along the shores, and adorable seals will flop around with joy when they see you. If you love wildlife and nature, then this is the number one island to visit. It’s not your typical island holiday that’s full of sandy beaches and sunbathing. But, that’s the lure of it; you get something different. 




The island of Capri sits just a little bit away from the bay of Naples and the Amalfi Coast. It’s a gorgeous place with a fair bit to offer for such a small island. The main attractions are the Blue Grotto and Monte Solaro. The Blue Grotto is a little cave that you can paddle out to in a small boat with a tour guide. Here, you’ll see the most curiously colored water - it’s a deep blue that almost looks artificial, but it’s natural! As the sunlight hits the surface, the water reflects around the cave and casts a blue light everywhere - it’s very magical. Monte Solaro is a large mountain that you can get a lift up to for scenic panoramic views of the island and surrounding area - pure bliss. 

You don’t need me to tell you that there are so many other islands all over the world. But, if you could only visit three, then these three are probably the pick of the bunch. Personally, I think everyone should try and visit as many islands as possible in their lifetime - you get a totally different traveling experience compared to your usual city visits.