Are One Night Stands Old Hat For Men?

SUg Sean, Are one night stands old hats for men

So many of us work hard yet we refuse to play hard. It's good for our mental health to go out once in a while, get loose on the dancefloor, have a few drinks and maybe even find someone who wants to be wanted. Well, maybe that last part is something we men need to reconsider. Things aren’t the same in 2019 as they were in 2009. A lot has changed in just 10 years and chief among them is the relationships between men and women. Before there used to be certain things that were acceptable and now they seem to be frowned upon. Some people are way more sensitive than others, which can lead to drastic consequences when you don’t know what kind of things would set them off. At the same time, you have to be more aware of your own health as well.

Approaching has gone grey

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Once upon a time men could approach a random woman and this would be fine so long as the conversation was within the realms of reason. However, men need to wake up and smell the coffee, this is a world that existed in the past. Many women don’t want men to approach them on a night out, they really do just want to spend time with their own friends. It can also be seen as aggressive to some people which is quite absurd as no one would ever meet or talk to anyone of the opposite sex if someone didn’t make the first move. However, we will take more time to understand this change so just be aware of who it is you’re approaching because it's now kind of a grey area.

Some things never change

Regardless of what decade or century we are in, some things will never change between men and women. The majority of women do want someone to talk to them, they like confident men for a number of reasons. Firstly, everyone wants to be wanted so when you go out of your way to say hello to them, women appreciate it. At the same time you cannot put on a facade of confidence, you really do need to be yourself. However cliche that might sound, men and women know more about the dating world now than ever before. Every trick in the book has been tried so they and you can see right through someone who isn’t genuine.

Make sure you’re safe

That’s not the only thing we know more about, we know more about sexual health too. Men need to be wary of who they are getting involved with. They might look spick and span but they could be carrying an STD. Chlamydia is one of the more common kinds and these are the  symptoms to look out for if you suspect you may have contracted it. Swelling and pain around the testicles is a definite sign that something is wrong. Speak to a doctor as soon as you can if this is sounding familiar.

One night stands are part and parcel of the dating scene. Sex is nothing to be ashamed of but we must be careful and know that the world has changed and making the first move should be done with caution.