Gorgeous Georgia Things To Do In The Peach State


Are you planning your holiday and looking for a deeper experience in America? Perhaps you have done the theme parks in Disney, you’ve seen the glittering lights of Las Vegas and flew across the New York skyline in a helicopter and are now looking for something different? Full of culture and history, places a little more ‘off the beaten path?’ Just as London is not England, with its many different places to visit when you leave the tourist hotspot, as is America.the following article will give us some idea of why you should travel to Georgia.

Why Georgia?

Georgia is a state with incredible scenery, lots of culture and interesting history. Southern states are known for their friendly locals and Georgia is no exception! It’s a family-friendly destination with plenty of festivals and things to do, whether you want to go to nature parks where you can picnic and get lost in the scenery, or visit museums with art and exhibits and historical homes of past presidents and the museum of black history. There’s plenty of good shopping and live music, great food and everything you could ask for from a fun-filled vacation. 

The River Walk

How about an afternoon out on the water? Take a boat tour at the Augusta Canal heritage center, built in the 1840s it’s the oldest hydropower transport system in America and still operates today. The boat tour travels up the canal, past historical buildings and beautiful views and wildlife of the savanna river. There are trails, fishing, and numerous tours- perfect for if you want to get active or just relax. 

The Arts In The Heart Festival

If getting a good dose of culture is your thing when you travel, then The Arts in the Heart Festival is one of the best festivals in the US. From food and art stalls, with lots of vendors artists and performing artists. handcrafted jewelry artwork and you get to see how diverse the city is. People from all over America and worldwide visit this festival, and anyone who is interested in art can feast their eyes on all the different types of creativity. The kids can even have a go at crafts such as making some pottery and take home what they make.

Augusta Museum of History

The exhibits in the Augusta museum span twelve thousand years. Agusta has a rich and long history, and you will broaden your knowledge and really get to understand the background of the place after a visit here. If history is your thing, how about staying in a hotel near Fort Gordon, it’s near the military landmark which was originally opened as a training site in 1917. During World War One and World War Two, Camp Gordon housed the Signal Corps Training Program and prepared soldiers for combat amidst international conflicts. So history buffs will have fun exploring the area and delving into the past. 

Have you ever visited Georgia? What places of interest most wowed you, and where would you recommend to others?