Tateossian Ring!

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Tateossian is a London based luxury unisex accessories brand whose main core values exude creativity, innovation and quality. Tateossian use unconventional materials and avidly source inspiration from all around the world to discover new stones and experiences to carefully craft beautiful pieces.

Each skilfully made piece carries its own story, from the use of meteorites, dinosaur bones, fossils and even in our newest pieces, parts of the moon!

Tateossian also uses more traditional elements such as diamonds, gold, silver and gemstones, resulting in contemporary and unique designs that are easily wearable.

We do currently work with one of your friends at the moment, Rayer, he attended one of our pop-up’s yesterday at Piccadilly Arcade and he really loves the product and the pieces we have gifted him in the past!

 Pietersite is a variety of Quartz and is also known as the 'Tempest Stone' because the swirling blue, gold and red colours in the mineral can look like a storm. It is said to hold the keys to the kingdom of heaven

* It is said that Pietersite is protective when driving in bad weather conditions and calms nervous people and animals during storms. It guards homes and businesses against storm damage and acts as a shield against the adverse effects of technology

* Due to the nature of the stones, each piece will be unique and may vary in colour slightly from the photo