OHMME Men’s Yoga Clothing, Premium Activewear & Fitness Apparel




It has been three months since we have returned from Bali and being back in the UK had me thinking a bit more about getting back in shape. Being in Indonesia, I'm sure you've heard how amazing the fitness culture and eating healthy is encouraged. After the trip I felt inspired to get more in shape, I've just travelled for 3 months and thought I felt confident enough to run in public, working out in gyms or buying fitness wear. But I was wrong, there is a different stigma towards us men who really want to workout and isn't interested in the competitive nature of the gym's today. So with that being said my girlfriend being the fitness obsessor that she is, I turned to her for help on finding a dependable brand for activewear.

We came across OHMME the worlds first men's-only disruptive activewear brand that is challenging the current attitudes towards societal stereotypes and toxic ideas of masculinity.

OHMME created by Louis d’Origny, as a mathematics graduate, Louis set out on the well-trodden path of joining Wall Street, but typical to his generation believed there must be a better way. Instead of feeling that his skills and analytical mind were being misused to take advantage of people, he wanted to create something that would change the world. This is was it was exactly what I was looking for guys can be reluctant to try new things, but Louis wanted to encourage all guys to connect with themselves more deeply. Louis found that connection through yoga.

So this is what I got Cobra Yoga T-Shirt, (£36) The T-shirt that will not let you fall in inversions! Designed to stay in place during inversions, the sweat-wicking Cobra T-shirt dries quickly, fits perfectly and looks great!

Fitted at the waist so it does not fall on your face during inversions or downward facing dog, my Yoga T-shirt is indispensable for ultimate comfort in your practice. Made of fast-drying fabric, this T-shirt is ideal for the studio, indoor, hitting the gym or for running outdoors.

22 Karat Gold O-Pendant (£30) Made in the UK, The O-Pendant is made of 22 karat gold plated bronze. OHMME chose the precious metal as a symbol of dedication to excellence, quality, and high standards.

The O is very emblematic in the physical universe and the spiritual world, the planet, the moon, the yin-yang, the third eye, the om…

The O is they logo at OHMME, and to them, it means: be yourself, practice what you love with patience and dedication, and you can achieve anything.

This is they mantra.

The Eco-Mayuras, (£43) the most environmental shorts on the market. Yoga shorts for surfers and yogis using the anti-bacteria Green Defence technology to keep the fabrics fresh, cool and dry.

8-Limb Yoga Hoodie, (£62) The 8 Limb Yoga Hoodie is ideal for both pre and post-practice: a staple of anyone’s yoga and meditation wardrobe, with the comfortable thumb holes to keep your wrists and pulse points warm and to help regulate your body temperature.

Organic Cotton Yoga T-Shirt (£25) The quintessential T-shirt.

Very soft to the touch, the Organic Men’s Yoga T-Shirt can handle warm bodies and environments. All natural, made of organic cotton and cooling bamboo, this yoga top is perfect for any type of practice.