Home Of Rugby ( My story)

Since moving to the Home Of Rugby the UK 10 years ago, my love for rugby has slowly overtaken my love for NFL in the first few months of moving to London I had an opportunity to attend a local game of rugby in Clapham. Standing at the sidelines made me felt as if I was on the pitch with the guys. The blocking, pushing! Sneaky passing, loud cheering and of course of this without the proactive gear I was used to seeing not the NFL players back in college.

After the match the convocation and sheer respect both teams had for each there was blew me away. I feel in love with the game right there, because not only was it a very competitive sport it was also like a family and community whether you are on the pitch playing or in the stands.

Fast forward three years and I had my first encounter with one of Englands rugby players. I was at the Park Lane Hotel in Mayfair London when one of the players from Englands national team came up to the reception. He was easily 6’8 in height and was dressed sharply in a tuxedo. He asked the concierge if they had a spare Bowtie he can wear for the dinner function downstairs at the hotel. Moments later the bell bow returned its a black bowtie and handed it over.

The British player casually adjusted the size of the tie to its largest the setting and attempted to put it around his neck. “No good,” he said. “it just doesn’t fit, but thank you.” I couldn’t believe it! When he left, I asked the concierge to let me have a look at the bowtie I placed it around my head, and it fitted!

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I hope this gives you some idea of the size of the guys that are on the rugby fields. So now that the FIFA world cup is out of the way, I am pleased that rugby and my favourite autumn season is upon us. I have plenty of room on my sports calendar, and I am prepared to fill it with games from international Rugby matches. South Africa and England is one match I can’t wait to watch.