Mini Cooper Through Kent Countryside x Sug Sean

This weekend was such an adventure, I spent it getting lost in Kent's countrysides with Paula and her twin sister Tiia Camilla in the new Mini Cooper s Countryman, and it was excellent!

The MINI Countryman has excellent road handling which held up fantastic to the muddy rugged dirt roads of West Sussex. Moreover, if your think I was driving, you are wrong! Paula was driving it through the narrows roads which often went from paved to dirt trails with massive potholes without warning.

Watching her shift from the eco fuel saving mode to Sports automatic was as easy as hitting a switch! The four-wheel-drive system distributes the power dynamically between the front and rear axles. Depending on Paula's driving style and the Coopers grip on the road, ALL4 all-wheel drive system calculates the optimal torque for each wheel making it a so easy for Paula to remain totally in control.

When it got darker, this Mini was ready to glow! The bright interior of the new MINI Countryman boosted the mood, with the subtle, warm luminosity of the backlit cockpit fascia which matches the interior ambient light colour of choice.

To test drive and learn more about this Mini Cooper S Countryman click here