GT Rush x Sug Sean: London Experience

There are many ways to experience the beautiful sights of London. Expensive packed tour buses with strangers, city bikes or independent tour guides. Use: sugsean10 to get £10 off any ride or gift

Today we had the chance to do it with style and power! Meet Harry he is a 4.7-litre Maserati Grancabrio with a V8 engine with soft and sporty leather seats. Paula and I had the opportunity to experience London with style and class around the city turning heading as we drove passed by standers who couldnt help but look in our direction to get a glimpse of where that powerful engining sound were coming from.

This is by far the coolest experience I have had, and it makes a perfect gift! I have to admit the staff behind this are excellent and attentive. You can experience this car in London for as little as £59 Alternatively, in the Countryside click here. Use: sugsean10 to get £10 off any ride or gift