Back In Berlin.

Wow, guys can you believe we are already in August? Where did the summer go? But no point crying over the lack of sun, who cares about great picknicks and excellent beer garden evening with my friends.

This month I've been so busy working on the new exciting project that I won't share with you just as yet. What I will share is my recent move to Berlin. My partner and I have finally settled in our new apartment, despite not having the internet, we are making the best of it. Our new area is fantastic, super friendly; we are right next to a lovely lake and park. And we have recently discovered there are several high street store that we are both familiar with in the UK. Primark is one of them. Although I usually only home accessories at Primark this time I took a peek at the men's fashion section and was very surprised that the suits were up to scratch!

I will be doing a suits review comparing several suits brands of their fits, quality and style. Stay tuned.