Kynd Community Cafe In Bali (Indonesia)

Kynd Community, this place is like no other. Before we got to Bali, we heard about Kynd. Kynd is one of the newest plant-based, earth-friendly cafés to pop up in Seminyak, Bali.

Opens their doors at 6 am every morning, which means you can stop by for a quick coconut milk coffee before work or roll in at any other time and delve in their extensive breakfast menu.

Choose from a range of breakfast salads, gourmet toasts (the Gandhi toast is recommended), fresh fruit crumbles, the ‘big boss’ breakfast platter or go for lunch and get stuck into their plant-based wraps, salads, burgers and baguettes!

Their produce is all sourced locally and not a plastic straw in sight. Looks like this one’s a keeper.