Mr Porter London Nocturne 2016

This year saw the 10th anniversary of the cycling event that champions individual style be it through your bike, clothing or facial hair selection. Many great sights were seen.

The Mr Porter Post

It only fitted at such an event for Mr Porter to be the leading sponsor along with a host of fantastic companies including Condor and Rapha. From the staple petty-farthing race to the new Concours d’Elegance, style and individualism were showcased throughout the day.

Mr porter Sug Sean

Mr Porter has embraced the rise in popularity of cycling shown in the products now available on their website. The success of Team GB in Beijing coupled with ‘Wiggo’ dominating the Tour de France, cycling has become a passion for many people across the UK. No discrimination of age or gender cycling is the people's sport.

Whether you are getting into cycling for the first time or are a seasoned cyclist with the tan lines to prove it, Mr Porter has you covered, to not only perform well but to make sure you look your best while riding. From the Danish cycling specialist Pas Normal Studios to the godfather of cycle-ware Castelli, the selection available caters from lovers of more traditional style, to those who prefer a little more flair from their outfit.

Summer Static FR 728x90

After riding through the streets on your bike, (my personal favourite is the Cinelli Mash) Mr Porter adds a full recovery with their exclusive Athlete Grooming Kit from Aesop. This bathroom essential for the active man allows you to look and feel your best after the sweaty affair cycling can be. 

With a splash of your favourite fragrance, you can go on to enjoy the evening filled with cycling’s best friends, red wine and great company. This year's Nocturne was a great experience for all involved, even for those who took a fall in the Elite Women’s Race! To see the passion among the crowd and the evident love for the sport was fantastic. Mr Porter is ready to make sure the people’s sport is now catered with great style.


The MR PORTER London Nocturne 2016

On 4 June 2016, the 10th edition of the London Nocturne hit the streets of the City of London, bringing with it the best in elite and amateur crit racing. Watch as the action packed day of events - including crowd favourites The Folding Bike Race and Penny Farthing Race - took over the city and created a street party that continued into the night.
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