Spring is Humbug

Spring inherently calls for lighter tones, be it your choice of outerwear or fragrance. There’s something so good about doing-away with the bulk of winter clothing and brightening up the wardrobe! I'm wearing two 100% cotton t-shirt, Rock 'n' Rolla & Joker by Humbug Clothing

I’ve been living in my trusty black Topman jacket which has sold out worldwide, here's a similar one: Topman Alternative Jacket and my Dr. Martens. As for fragrance, I’ve been enjoying the radically fresh scent of Dior Sauvage. which has the personality of Dior.

T-shirt: Rock 'n' Rolla -- £20 This is a washed print with a faded Jimi Hendrix on the front.
T-shirt: Joker- £20 'Made You Look' People will be asking "what does that say?" ClubHumbug.com

Sunglasses: Epos Giano £125
Jacket: Topman Cotton Black Bomber: £40
Jeans: Raw Black Stretch Slim Selvedge Jeans £45
Alternative Bag :Porter-Yoshida Men's Tote Bag £50
Boots: Dr. Martens Buffed leather Chelsea boots £125