Billion x KIND For Dogs

Billion-frenchie-leather lead-london-58.jpg

It is not everyday Billion and I get to spend the evening wandering around the countryside in search of the perfect autumn leaves and trees. I don’t know what's harder, asking Billion to hold a pose for the photos or trying to catch him after he sprints through the bushes when he hears a rustle. However once he is back on his the lead he feels happy and calm. ‘KIND For Dogs’ recently sent Billion this classy new collar and lead in a beautiful quality leather.

Finnish label Kind for Dogs could not be more appropriately named, in both its earnest backstory and its sustainable approach to the products they sell. Founder Maarit Kallio was working in advertising when she decided to fuel her passion and create a company that combined her love for both dogs and interior design. The grip of the lead is made with beautiful leather for a durable and stylish feel.

Please visit KIND for Dogs and dont forget to follow Billion on instagram, he insisted I added that.