Shopping Spree and Styling Outfits At Harrods.

Harrods! In celebration of me winning the Harrods Live Catwalk competition George and I were privileged to be invited to dinner and a shopping spree at Harrods department store in London.

After being picked up and chauffeured by Harrods prestige driver, on arrival we were greeted by the Harrods team with agenda for the evening and a shiny Harrods rewards card, not just any rewards card, a £1000 Harrods reward card.

Despite having an opportunity to blow £1000 worth on anything at Harrods without having to receiving a bank statement of damages. It still took us four hours before purchasing a pair of Denium BBC Jeans and a cognac MCM wallet.

Once we've established that I'd failed to not even spend half of the winnings. We came up with a better idea and were in search of the food courts, which also had rumors of Harrods lager being one of the best in town!