:( Raffling my sneakers

Yesterday afternoon my grandfather was struck vehicle that ran off the road when the driver lost control. The driver of the vehicle refused to give the police a statement. Locals believe the man was drink driving. My grandfather, on the other hand, is currently in critical condition can't walk or talk and is bleeding from the nose and mouth.
Please pray for grandpapa and driver!

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On The Rocks No Ice

Over the weekend I had my hard drive cleared out when I found these these photos in a folder called "On the rocks no ice" taken almost a year ago with two friends of mines Alex & Fazel in Tunbridge wells.

The G's Bee's

This week i'm rocking with George, the Chief Creative Officer of Childrensalon.com he always looks awesome without out even trying, he's a legend! Which Alexander McQueen outfit wins the votes?

George, Sug-Sean and Billion the frenchie 

When In Doubt, Wear Yellow

Unfortunately this week I wasn't able to attend the fashion events that i'd planned...

In search of my own entertainment I headed uptown wearing these Lemon Board Flips sneakers from the 2007 Ice cream collection. To be honest my initial plan was write about the average joe who wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair  sneakers like these, but i’ll save that for another post.

Birthday Suit Moschino

May is here and it’s my birthday… celebration time! There's no better way to dress for the occasion than with this stunning Moschino jacket and summer orange trousers accompanied by white studded Philipp Plein sneakers.

This week I'm posting from Thailand after spending two days stuck at London’s Heathrow Airport….then there were numerous mishaps which at one point left me without an actual ticket! It took some powerful complaining tweets and family and friends to make this trip possible!

When a person is in fashion, all they do is right.
— Lord Chesterfield
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